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As promised, here are my findings from the Vibrancy of Color Art Show. For one of the many reason I love facebook, a friend of mine posted that he was attending The Art of Living Black: The Vibrancy of Color, Now at The African American Art and Culture Complex. I decided to go as I knew right where it was on Fulton and Webster street, right in the heart of the Fillmore District in San Francisco.

I knew that the title of the show was the vibrancy of color-but they were not kidding. The artist work was rich, deep and oozing color, life and intrigue.

The first artist I met was Karin Turner ( Her colors are as luscious and vibrant as her full figured women. My favorite thing about her art was her use of color. It draws you in her work and creates this entire environment of joy. She is also very deliberate with her messages in her art work. If you pay close attention to the hair of her women they always have a positive and uplifting message written right in.

Karin describes her art like this: "I create positive African American images in the form of brightly colored original acrylic & watercolor paintings and drawings. My figurative portraits speak of the past relating to the present, while forecasting an optimistic future. Subscribing to the belief that "everything will be all right"; they reflect both whimsy and pride of my African American heritage." 

Here is some of her work, including the artist! Love my BlackBerry! 

Yes, you do see water melons. It's awesome.


The next artist that I talked with was Ajuan. All I have to say is: friggin cool. She spoke for a few moments to the crowd and the way she described her art was that "I don't work from one specific source, or someone sitting in front of me but from experiences and what I see in my head....when I create my paintings I work from the past and what history has to say about African American men"

Her work was soulful, vibrant, and reminded me a bit of Picasso but with a twist that  could only be made by this incredible artist. 


The next artist that especially stole everyone heart was Hilda Robinson.
This tiny wise woman had huge paintings that were filled with life, love, texture and (yes, I know) vibrancy. It was a bit impressionistic and for a moment it showed the group of people in that art gallery a bit of who Hilda is. A wonderful woman and wonderful artist.   

 I didn't get to speak with Bernadette Robertson, but here is her website information:

The next Artist is Shawn Weeden. His art was unlike the rest of the artist there. An abstract artist all of his paintings are quite organic, layered, and full of...well...color.. 

(sorry, your eyes were closed but I wanted the world to see your work!)

Last but not least, Elizabeth Carter ( 

Her art is as bubbly and full of life as this wonderful artist (I am admittedly bias). If you are wondering where her website name comes from-its because she predominantly paints pregnant women. "Painting Pregnant women is just fun!" she beams as she explains what she does. 
Painting is the most fulfilling way for me to get inside the figure and capture an intimate moment in time.

Elizabeth Describes her art like this:     
"The majority of my paintings are reflections of women of color around me. The richness and diversity within their skin tones inspire me. The shape and beauty of the body, the play of light on the skin is mesmerizing.
My own desire to have a child gave birth to a series of paintings of pregnant women. The roundness and curved lines against the angle of an arm or a shoulder creates negative spaces that are extremely satisfying. As a medium, acrylic paint is immediate and dries quickly, forcing a creative conversation on the canvas. Painting large creates a life size images that become part of a room’s environment.
Composing through the camera lens until my subject completely fills the space, allows the figure to flow off the canvas. This focuses in on what excites me most, the human form. 
My figures boldly invite you in to know them.
Please go see The Vibrancy of Color, it will be showing from February 4th-May 28th. 

 February 4, 2010- May 28, 2010
African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA


OK everyone, this is a new page I'm having here, I've decided to do a little searching on awesome art here in the San Francisco Bay Area, yesterday was my first dive into this new venture. I went to the African American Art and Culture Complex right on Fulton and Webster. Yesterday was the launching on The Art of Living Black, the Vibrancy of Color. I had a great time meeting all the artist and even captured a bit of the color buzz myself.

My next post I'm going to upload the pics and short bios of all the artist.

Much much more on this creativity page to come!

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