Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knitting Class:

Update on knitting class: Still happening will be 99.00 for four weeks if classes!! Please sign up fast, seven spaces left!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lisa Danielle Designs: Knitting Classes!!

COME ONE COME ALL!! Lisa Danielle Designs will be starting knitting classes next month here in San Francisco! They will be starting on January 16th-February 6th 2010. I'm super excited about it and you should be too! Email me as soon as you can to reserve your spot! Spaces are limited but the fun we will have will go on for weeks!

Email me at lisa@lisadanielledesigns.com so I can send you the invite!

remember to visit lisadanielledesigns.com!!

Roses to California Paradise and Sunrise to Florida!

Hello ladies and gents!

The btrendie event was a huge success!! After much toil, knitting purling and no sleep I completed all the orders and they have been shipped out! I can't wait to hear the feedback and pray its all excitement and joy!

The cool part for me was having 28 items to go 8 different states to women that I've never seen before. It's a very different feeling NOT knowing who my customer is but having her see the item site unseen and want to purchase it.

One Paradise glow and Sunrise cowl went to Florida
Two three layer cakes were delivered to New York
Two creamy white signature cowls made their way to Maine. Three roses and an Ocean Front went to California
A warm up hat and a few cowls made there way to Colorado as well. 

I'd gladly do this event again and may have to get an assistant or an extra set of arms as I do enjoy life and would like to keep it going. 

Thanks again to btrendie.com for the opportunity to send Lisa Danielle Designs across the country.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is in full swing!!

I would like to thank the people at bTrendie.com for allowing LDD to have the opportunity to show what I have to offer. Through the entire experience is was a very condensed version on how to order inventory (very long three days finding a yarn that seemed to be lost in the mountains of Moordor), taking photos, re taking photos and my email has never has such a work out.

Through this I've also received childrens orders (yes there will be children/baby line for spring as well-I'm really excited about it!). In case you missed it, here are a few pictures from the Lisa Danielle Designs  bTrendie event :

Overall this was a great experience.

MVP for this weekend was the 3 layer cake cowl (Note: this color way will be gone soon, so this 'flavor' of cake is going out with yesterdays old muffins).  

White is a very popular color for winter now (especially the warm toned white that the signature cowl has to offer)

The Ocean Front is finally making some waves (bu-dum-bum!) and did really well. Get yourself one!

The Bling cowl was finally introduced and accepted! I've been saving it for a while now and I'll put some pics up soon. 

There was a fantastic sales turn out and will gladly work with this  company again. I'm a firm believer that mom's need to catch as man 'financial breaks' as possible and still look fashionable.

Remember to visit btrendie.com for all your mom needs at a discounted price and make sure you keep visiting lisadanielledesigns where its all about fashion, comfort, and you!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


The event is going on right now!!! You can have direct access to it by clicking this link here!

Please Enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow Lisa Danielle Designs will be featured on bTrendie.com!! It's the first time that LDD will have this kind of exposure. It's been a hectic  few weeks getting it all together and tomorrow we will see how my designs are viewed to an entire new audience: moms.

Also tomorrow I will be starting a sale on the main website lisadanielledesigns.com! 30% off of cowls and other items! Check it out tomorrow to see!! 

HUGE thanks to J.K. for putting this event together for me! 

Remember to check out btrendie.com!


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