Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is in full swing!!

I would like to thank the people at for allowing LDD to have the opportunity to show what I have to offer. Through the entire experience is was a very condensed version on how to order inventory (very long three days finding a yarn that seemed to be lost in the mountains of Moordor), taking photos, re taking photos and my email has never has such a work out.

Through this I've also received childrens orders (yes there will be children/baby line for spring as well-I'm really excited about it!). In case you missed it, here are a few pictures from the Lisa Danielle Designs  bTrendie event :

Overall this was a great experience.

MVP for this weekend was the 3 layer cake cowl (Note: this color way will be gone soon, so this 'flavor' of cake is going out with yesterdays old muffins).  

White is a very popular color for winter now (especially the warm toned white that the signature cowl has to offer)

The Ocean Front is finally making some waves (bu-dum-bum!) and did really well. Get yourself one!

The Bling cowl was finally introduced and accepted! I've been saving it for a while now and I'll put some pics up soon. 

There was a fantastic sales turn out and will gladly work with this  company again. I'm a firm believer that mom's need to catch as man 'financial breaks' as possible and still look fashionable.

Remember to visit for all your mom needs at a discounted price and make sure you keep visiting lisadanielledesigns where its all about fashion, comfort, and you!!

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