Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tomorrow is the day

I'm leaving tomorrow for Africa. It's really happening. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pay it Forward

I know its always hard to figure out how to give through your lack. This is the great thing about the Christmas season, people give anyway.
There are two ways you can help live beyond yourself:

Marykay.com/denisebarnwell go to her website and purchase products from that site and 25 percent of your purchase will help me in my internship with personal expenses and helping me go on my next two missions trip next year to Africa and Central America in 2011.

You can donate to glad Tidings Church (www.gtsf.org) (put Lisa Holcomb Africa missions trip) in the memo box to place a tax deductible donation toward the missions trip(s).

Thirdly: go to  www.livebeyondyourself.com and purchase a ticket for our concert featuring Tommy Walker! The concert is on December 3rd and you can only buy the tickets online. All the proceeds are going toward the Africa Missions Trip.

Lastly: go to my website lisadanielledesigns.com and purchase items for Christmas. It will help me out a lot business wise and you get to have cute items.

You cal always to go www.etsy.com/lisadanielledesigns if you want to purchase through there.

If none of these things appeal to you and you just want to give a gift card for the grocery store and call it a day, I won't stop you either.

Three ways to live beyond yourself, three ways to help me do the same.

Thanks everyone.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello all. I know you have been wondering where I've been sense my last blog. Lots. Of. Stuff. But I do have one piece of info  that you should know:

Go to my OTHER blog page!!!

Go right onto my about me on my profile and it will lead you right to it!!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where are You!!!!!???

I know this has been the question of the summer!! Where did L.D. go?? There have been NO posts for like...ever!! Shock! I know you have all been devastated. Well, my summer has been all kinds of full all kinds of changes going on and took a trip that changed my life. I went on a trip to Nicaragua. No I did not go there to hang with the elite and fly to Costa Rica then off to Belize. I spent ten days in Managua Nicaragua on a missions trip with an amazing organization called The Convoy of Hope.   While there my church traveled the city of Managua and some outside rural areas, went to schools and churches and preformed plays, sang songs, had puppet shows and showed them the love that Jesus bestowed upon us. I can't forget the people of Managua. I will have photos up soon of my trip.

 Fret not L.D. is back. And btw, I have all the spring accessories 50% off. If you would like to pay full price: I'll make sure that the 50% goes to the convoy of hope so they can continue the work that they do.



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