Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pay it Forward

I know its always hard to figure out how to give through your lack. This is the great thing about the Christmas season, people give anyway.
There are two ways you can help live beyond yourself: go to her website and purchase products from that site and 25 percent of your purchase will help me in my internship with personal expenses and helping me go on my next two missions trip next year to Africa and Central America in 2011.

You can donate to glad Tidings Church ( (put Lisa Holcomb Africa missions trip) in the memo box to place a tax deductible donation toward the missions trip(s).

Thirdly: go to and purchase a ticket for our concert featuring Tommy Walker! The concert is on December 3rd and you can only buy the tickets online. All the proceeds are going toward the Africa Missions Trip.

Lastly: go to my website and purchase items for Christmas. It will help me out a lot business wise and you get to have cute items.

You cal always to go if you want to purchase through there.

If none of these things appeal to you and you just want to give a gift card for the grocery store and call it a day, I won't stop you either.

Three ways to live beyond yourself, three ways to help me do the same.

Thanks everyone.

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