Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pay it Forward

I know its always hard to figure out how to give through your lack. This is the great thing about the Christmas season, people give anyway.
There are two ways you can help live beyond yourself: go to her website and purchase products from that site and 25 percent of your purchase will help me in my internship with personal expenses and helping me go on my next two missions trip next year to Africa and Central America in 2011.

You can donate to glad Tidings Church ( (put Lisa Holcomb Africa missions trip) in the memo box to place a tax deductible donation toward the missions trip(s).

Thirdly: go to and purchase a ticket for our concert featuring Tommy Walker! The concert is on December 3rd and you can only buy the tickets online. All the proceeds are going toward the Africa Missions Trip.

Lastly: go to my website and purchase items for Christmas. It will help me out a lot business wise and you get to have cute items.

You cal always to go if you want to purchase through there.

If none of these things appeal to you and you just want to give a gift card for the grocery store and call it a day, I won't stop you either.

Three ways to live beyond yourself, three ways to help me do the same.

Thanks everyone.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello all. I know you have been wondering where I've been sense my last blog. Lots. Of. Stuff. But I do have one piece of info  that you should know:

Go to my OTHER blog page!!!

Go right onto my about me on my profile and it will lead you right to it!!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where are You!!!!!???

I know this has been the question of the summer!! Where did L.D. go?? There have been NO posts for like...ever!! Shock! I know you have all been devastated. Well, my summer has been all kinds of full all kinds of changes going on and took a trip that changed my life. I went on a trip to Nicaragua. No I did not go there to hang with the elite and fly to Costa Rica then off to Belize. I spent ten days in Managua Nicaragua on a missions trip with an amazing organization called The Convoy of Hope.   While there my church traveled the city of Managua and some outside rural areas, went to schools and churches and preformed plays, sang songs, had puppet shows and showed them the love that Jesus bestowed upon us. I can't forget the people of Managua. I will have photos up soon of my trip.

 Fret not L.D. is back. And btw, I have all the spring accessories 50% off. If you would like to pay full price: I'll make sure that the 50% goes to the convoy of hope so they can continue the work that they do.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New items, pre order now!

I know you've been waiting for EVER for new items....well here they are. Very cute bracelets an hair pins. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. I introduce you to Tashima and Katie:

These new bracelets are one of a kind, just like LDD's signature roses not one will ever be alike. They are created from a metal base and they are adjustable. To take some of the edge off the top of the cuff is lined in felt and is purposely layered with multiple buttons, ribbons and even flowers for some kick.  There are more items to come this week to make sure you keep posted on this blog, facebook, twitter and 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer tIIiiiiimmmeeeeee.......

Maybe the livin' is easy somewhere....this may come as a shocker to you but people don't tend to wear knits in the summer. I'm still trying to figure out this phenomena. But here is the magic of living in micro climates....seasons are not seasons as we would expect them to be. It's foggy in the morning, warm at 10 AM, breezy by for and then the thick cloak of fog comes back in the evening-most days. This climate can decide to be witty and have no clouds (YES!) in the sky for days and be as lovely as Audry Hepburn in "Funny Face" . So basically what I'm saying here is that there is never any time of year where you can't wear knits....even as accessories.
Let me show you: 

Fun, sparkly, smushy (very technical word, mind you), and chic. These can be worn all year round when you have than itch for knits but not the budget for a bolero or a cashmere cardigan. 

Next item....

 Hair pins, lapel pins, hat pins!  Fun felt flowers for fantastic flirty frocks! These can be worn all year around as well as not cause you to have a heat stroke (you're too cute for that). These felt roses are always beautiful and remind me of being in the Golden Gate Park rose garden. That's my idea of a good time! I know you're thinking "L.D. you need to get out more..."   

 Here is another example of a fun hat pin if you're not a flower fan AND a hat. I know that you are wondering WHY did you pull out a hat?! It's almost summer and I've hidden all things winter until October (pump fist in air)! Well this is a a hat(let). It just sits on the crown of your head and looks cute.
 Some days in the summer  it takes everything in you to throw on a pair of pants and a shirt to grab caffeine at your local cafe or Starbucks. With this you can toss your hair in a messy bun or pony take slap on a hat and look like your Paris Chic all by yourself. Options people....options!   

Now we can always go with the basic never failing throwback that always comes through at the end....your bias knit hand painted cotton and Rayon tape DO have one right? 

This scarf (yes I used the word scarf...people really do wear them all year around) is light as a feather, painted like a rainbow and is simply delicate and perfect for warmer weather. It's one of my personal favorite items to wear in this micro climate known as San Francisco and believe every woman needs one.

Well ladies I hope we have learned an important lesson today! Just like the sun rises in the east, knits CAN be worn ALL year around! 
I rest my case. 

Curious where to get these items ? Make sure you hit up 
(San Francisco Scarf (shown above)  is currently a Special order item, please email directly for pricing information) 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This was just interesting, I had to share it with you all...

Wear milk if you can't drink it (Milk Yarn)

Submitted by : By TE Online on November 12, 2008 6:39 AM
milk1.jpgFrom childhood, we had been hearing that milk is good for health and our daily food menu should include it. Despite its being healthy, there are many people who do not like to drink milk. Now these people can well relieve themselves by not drinking milk and even then getting all of its benefits. Now they can wear the benefits of milk! Yes, in the form of milk fabrics made from milk yarns. Its amazing, isn't it?
The Eco- Friendly Milk Yarn
Milk Yarn is made from milk protein fibers. To make it, milk is first dewatered, i.e. all the water content is taken out from it and then it is skimmed. New bio-engineering technique is then applied to make a protein spinning fluid. This fluid is suitable for wet spinning process through which the final high-grade textile fiber is made. While spinning, a solvent is used by most of the manufacturers and micro-zinc ion is embedded in the fiber which gives it the characteristics of being bacteriostatic and durable. It combines the advantages of both, natural as well as synthetic fibers.

milk_fiber.jpgMilk protein fiber is a kind of fresh fiber that has very healthy functions. It contains eighteen amino-acids, that are beneficial to human health. It can be spun alone or with cashmere, silk, spun silk, cotton, wool, ramie and other fibers to make fabrics. The fabrics made of these fibers nourish and take care of skin in a very efficient manner by keeping away allergies and even wrinkles. The fabrics made from milk yarn are primarily used in manufacturing kidswear, top-grade underwear, shirts, T shirts, loungewear, etc.

Characteristics of Milk Yarn
The milk yarn has got many properties that are enough to make it one of the most sought after fabrics of the future.
- The natural protein humectant factor is present in the milk fiber, which makes skin more delicate and smooth. As such Fabrics made of milk yarns are suitable for household textiles.
- The amino acids present in the fiber make it antibacterial and antifungal.
- It is glossy and luxurious in appearance, feel and comfortability, just like silk.
- It has many beneficial chemical properties such as moderated fiber breaking tenacity and modulus,etc.
- It is hygroscopic in nature, as such it absorbs moisture very well.
- It is very easy to dye and can be dyed under normal temperature.
- It has the property of color fastness.
- It can be blended well with other fibers such as cotton, modal, tencel and bamboo etc.
Although its association with milk itself certifies that milk fiber is a naturally healthy fiber yet for authentication beyond doubt, it has been granted the International Ecological Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Authentication in April,2004

Milk Fiber Blended with Other Fibers
milk-shirt.jpgWe now know that milk fiber can be blended with many other fibers like cotton, cashmere, silk etc. When milk fiber is combined with these fibers, the resultant fabric gets different qualities adopted from different fibers but one common quality that is retained in all the blends is that of its being a healthy and eco-friendly fiber.
Milk Fiber blended with silk, bamboo fiber- the Cool Fiber: This blended fiber is moisture retentive, sweat conductive, comfortable and ventilative which gives it the property of coolness. It is soft and smooth with an attractive gloss, reflecting elegance in the personality of the wearer- and it is healthy.
Milk Fiber blended with mercerized wool, cashmere- the Thermal Protective Fiber: Milk protein fiber has a kind of three-dimensional and multigap structure. With its properties of light weight and high moisture absorption, the milk fiber when blended with wool and warm cashmere, becomes highly cold proof material- and it is comfortable and healthy too.
Milk Fiber blended with cotton,cashmere- for top grade under clothings: The milk protein contains plenty of amino acid and natural wet protecting genes. It is capable of restricting fungus too. The natural fibers, cotton and cashmere too have more or less similar qualities and when blended with milk fiber, the properties are enhanced to make comfortable, healthy and well fitted under wears.
Milk Fiber blended with cotton, silk- for home textile: Milk Fiber regulates air quality and when mixed with cotton or silk it also adopts the qualities of comfortability, durability and elegance making it perfect for home furnishings.
In fact, the fabrics made of milk protein fibers are so skin friendly that the dream of many about taking milk bath can come true now. This was one thing, which, only Cleopatra could have done to enhance her beauty and now that can be done by any average person, thanks to the astonishing milk yarn.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Video!!

Check it out peeps!

Remember to go to the website:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Item Spotlight!

I know I promised I was going to do this more often than I have, it's been like twice... know! OK, here is an oldie but goodie, that will be done for spring with a new twist :)

The 1800's Wrap

This feminine wrap accentuates your curves while hinting at the days of Jane Austen.  The yarn is an acrylic-metallic blend that enfolds you with sultry elegance.  You can even wrap it around your hips to create a funky belt.  Available in champagne (shown), bronze, and licorice.

In case you are wondering, there may be a little them from this for spring...(HINT) 

Knitting Class: Class Four

This Saturday, the 13th is the fourth session of introduction to knitting! The next  bath of class will be starting up in two weeks! If you want to sign up, please let me know! I'm having a early sign up sale! 4 classes for 85.00 (21.25 per class-one class session). Sign up before the 18th to get this deal!

Regular class prices are 25.00 per one class session or 99.00 for all four.

New Year, new blog backdrop, new features

I know you may have noticed that the blog looks different...again. In lieu of singles appreciation day (some people like to call in Valentines know the Saint and all) I decided to warm up the blog some, use some pretty colors and a dash of extra widgets. In case you are wondering what the "you might also like" thing-a-ma-bob is at the bottom of the blog, it's a nice little reminder of other blogs on the site here that you might like to read. Have fun and READ MORE!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Artist Page

If you pay attention to the top right hand page you will notice that there is a new page added to the blog! It's where I'm going to specifically feature artist in the area and other items that generally inspire me. Make sure to check out what I just posted on The Vibrancy of Color Art show! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010


No, no your eyes are not messing with you, you are seeing little white things falling from the sky. It is a little snow in homage to the rest of the country where its snowing, iceing, hail, rain....well we have a few sprinkles here in California yes enjoy the snow! Pick up a cowl while your at it! It's COLD!!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is the Day!

Today is the first day of Lisa Danielle Designs knitting class! Come one come all! If you still want to sign up, email me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Knitting Class: Starts TOMORROW

I'm very excited to announce Lisa Danielle Designs first knitting class right here in San Francisco, California! The good people at Burger Joint are allowing me to use their 4th and King St. location where they fries will fly and so will the knitting needles! If you still would like to sign up, please contact me:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Preview

Spring Preview is on its way peeps! I've got a few surprises in store for you so be ready!!


We all know the travesty that happened in Haiti two days ago. 7.0 earthquake rocked the small nation that has already been ravaged by war, and natural disasters before. If you would like to help donate to the cause, please click on the top of the tool bar and donate to the red cross.

Side note: Prayer ALWAYS works. Please pray for these people who have lost family, those who have survived and pray for the ones who are still lost in the rubble.


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