Monday, April 20, 2009


I am happy, no wait ELATED to see that cowls are in for fall. I was perusing, and as I was going through the fashions for fall (which might I add mens' and womens' fashions are going together like his and hers towel sets) and noticed something around both male and female models necks-cowls.

I continued to click as my heart rate increaced and noticed them on quite a few designers, Burburry, Prada, and even Chanel has a very fluttery cowl-like Elizabethan neck cover.....fall is going to be GREAT!

Now let's not get it twisted-the cowls are not like mine. You can't wear them five different ways like mine, nor are they hand crafted like mine...but the big designers are paying attention...

Unlike them, we have known this little secret of awesomeness for the past year now....San Franciscan ladies who know me and what I make are already in the its time for everyone else.

Talk to you soon with updates for Spring-and the annual fashion show next month!

Peace out!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Networking networking...just plain working!

Hey LDD ladies! No I have not forgotten about you! Spring break broke so I'm back to work.

Good news is Spring/Summer 09 really is on its way-really. New colors and choices new to LDD are coming too, so stay tuned for that new development!

In other news I'll be doing a little networking at a local fashion show this week and heard very good news from a friend of mine about getting cowls into the hands and necks of many new customers at a pretty huge organization here in SF!

And in just plain fun news the annual Ebony Fashion show is coming to the Bay area this weekend! It's always a great time watching the black beauties strut their stuff in the fashion industries best!

Plus you get good swag. Free subscription to Ebony or Jet Magazine, AND free fashion fair makeup!

Until next time....


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