Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer tIIiiiiimmmeeeeee.......

Maybe the livin' is easy somewhere....this may come as a shocker to you but people don't tend to wear knits in the summer. I'm still trying to figure out this phenomena. But here is the magic of living in micro climates....seasons are not seasons as we would expect them to be. It's foggy in the morning, warm at 10 AM, breezy by for and then the thick cloak of fog comes back in the evening-most days. This climate can decide to be witty and have no clouds (YES!) in the sky for days and be as lovely as Audry Hepburn in "Funny Face" . So basically what I'm saying here is that there is never any time of year where you can't wear knits....even as accessories.
Let me show you: 

Fun, sparkly, smushy (very technical word, mind you), and chic. These can be worn all year round when you have than itch for knits but not the budget for a bolero or a cashmere cardigan. 

Next item....

 Hair pins, lapel pins, hat pins!  Fun felt flowers for fantastic flirty frocks! These can be worn all year around as well as not cause you to have a heat stroke (you're too cute for that). These felt roses are always beautiful and remind me of being in the Golden Gate Park rose garden. That's my idea of a good time! I know you're thinking "L.D. you need to get out more..."   

 Here is another example of a fun hat pin if you're not a flower fan AND a hat. I know that you are wondering WHY did you pull out a hat?! It's almost summer and I've hidden all things winter until October (pump fist in air)! Well this is a a hat(let). It just sits on the crown of your head and looks cute.
 Some days in the summer  it takes everything in you to throw on a pair of pants and a shirt to grab caffeine at your local cafe or Starbucks. With this you can toss your hair in a messy bun or pony take slap on a hat and look like your Paris Chic all by yourself. Options people....options!   

Now we can always go with the basic never failing throwback that always comes through at the end....your bias knit hand painted cotton and Rayon tape DO have one right? 

This scarf (yes I used the word scarf...people really do wear them all year around) is light as a feather, painted like a rainbow and is simply delicate and perfect for warmer weather. It's one of my personal favorite items to wear in this micro climate known as San Francisco and believe every woman needs one.

Well ladies I hope we have learned an important lesson today! Just like the sun rises in the east, knits CAN be worn ALL year around! 
I rest my case. 

Curious where to get these items ? Make sure you hit up 
(San Francisco Scarf (shown above)  is currently a Special order item, please email directly for pricing information) 

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