Friday, January 23, 2009


I've been had! Hoodwinked! Run Ammuck...okay maybe not but I was paying WAY too much for my previous website provider-after all the US was just informed that we are NOW in a recession-but a girls gotta eat! Gym memberships don't pay for themselves!

So long story short the site will be down for a month or so while the changes are made and...


It will include:

Summer Scarves...what are those you might ask?? You'll have to wait and see...

constructed hats

loose knit summer hats

A summer version of the hottest accessory you all need to have: the 5 way cowl (there's a 6th way-the email is coming soon)

And real constructed hand bags.

More machine knit items (it's still me knitting it-no electricity other than static)

New color variation

New fiber mixes

New Cute stuff...

If you are on the West Coast you can talk to me personally about V-Day gifts (or as I like to call it Singles Appreciation Day)

If you are on the East Coast-shoot me an email, or if you are clever find me on skype...

For the rest of you-your orders are on their way as fast as my two hands can knit them...



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