Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo shoot on the way!

Good news girlie girls! LDD is going to have is FIRST professional photo shoot and the website is getting a good sprucing up too. I have too many people asking me "When can I look at your site?" I really need to give them more of an answer than "Ummm...."

So in the next few weeks pictures will be  taken, website will be spruced up and lots LOTS LoTs of items will be coming out for spring/summer. 

In other news....
Have you gotten your 5 way Cowl yet? ;) Everybody has one...
My most popular selling item is a little bananas right now-especially here in San Francisco-it's been pouring down rain so much all anyone wants to do is curl up in a blanket. This is as close to a walking blanket as you will get-barring that Victor and Rolf bed dress from a few years ago....(still brilliant...not exactly office friendly)

I've been experimenting with adding a little shine to them, giving it a little sparkle aside from the basics (which are always good) but if you want a little more in your creative cowl, don't fret.
Some new colors include: Peanut Butter Cup (Peanut Butter color with chocolate and carmel drizzled right in), Black  licorice (black on subtle sheen black), and whipped cream (creamy off white mixed with a darker cream and champagne). These are just a few to choose from for now...  

I will also cover a little business here girls:

The basic cowls are still 30.00-you can't beat that price with a stick.  These are the ones that are just one color and the 80/20% wool/acrylic yarn in just one color. 
The new "candy coated" cowls (added yarn mixed with a matt and metallic yarn) are 40.00-still great. I know you may be thinking "why so much more? Trust me, a little bit goes a long way, it gives it whole new look which you will be getting complements on all the time. Let's remember you can wear this cowl 5 (maybe 6) different ways-you are getting your monies worth.

Any other 'special order'- if you want anything else made like a cowl, but you would prefer a 100% Peruvian wool, or alpaca or a silk blend. The base price is 30.00-but this does not include the cost of the yarn. On average they can range from 20.00 per skein (ball of yarn) and up.   If you want three different colors-you would pay for the three different yarns, ect. 



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