Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Track Mind

You know I never realized how much work would get in the way of my "work"-as of this moment I am nowhere near quitting my job and designing full time-I'm not even near nowhere. Really I don't think there are any rich millionaires knocking down my door any time soon who need a trophy wife who happens to have a dream for design. 

Ouch that's a little too close to the well....trophy wives who all of a sudden had a dream to design and never went to school for it and marketed off of young teens giving them crap velour to wear-but I digress.

 But back to work, I was up most of the night knitting, felting and sewing bows. 

Lots of bows.

Okay I only got six done, and a knit rosette for good measure. Plus I  basket wove a new felt purse ( for the record NO I did not take underwater basket weaving when I was in college) in like a two hour span-but I had to go to bed to get up for the job that pays me to be there.  

I think the saddest part of my QVQ addiction is that I'm more excited to get home for Christmas too see my family plus I'll have a good three weeks to work on the website.

I actually think there is something to the saying that when you find something you love to do you will never work a day in your life-where I'm working now-its work. I feed in and give to other people all time time, including the jobs that do and don't pay me.

But when I'm 'working' I'm tired but want to keep going, I love looking at an end product. To think of an idea and know that this is going to excite someone out there other than me. I have so many ideas in my head, and only one brain and two hands to make those ideas come to fruition. 

I think the biggest part is that I know I was made the way I was on purpose for a purpose, quirky thought patterns, dry humor and all-and I'm just getting started.

That's my kind of one track mind. 

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