Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Ways of a Knitting Jedi

Just like Luke Skywalker had to go to Degoba planet , I myself had to go to Niagara (not falls, just near the Balboa Park BART station in San Francisco). Alas it is just the humble domicile of partner in crime/cheer leading squad co-captain who shall be known as Vee.
Luke had Yoda, I have Vee. No she's not short or green, but it still works-and does not speak backwards...unfortunately.

Vee is my kidnapper, cohort and best friend. No I don't have Stockholm's syndrome, we just have a small circle of friends who 'kidnap' each other-at least once a week. As in hanging out and staying over their houses. But today, my kidnapping was productive, the zoo I live in is not always conducive to getting work done.

Never have I finished two projects in one day.

My Jedi skills are getting stronger.

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