Monday, September 29, 2008

Yes, I'm getting to it!

I know, I know I promised you that the new products would be up last week... well things have been busy  at QVQ, I finally have a computer (and a new Mac at that!) so you will have all the fun fall fashions you want starting this week (I promise).

 Also a quick note, you no longer will have to go to to purchase items. You can go straight to the website 

I will say its a little hard running a website and a blog by using other peoples computers, I'm surprised and blessed to have gotten this far without one.  

On the flip side though, I just got a huge amount of great new yarn which I am excited about (and for all of you poor people allergic to wool I have another option for you). 

 Yesterday I had a bit of an ego boost, a fellow New York Queen-friend of mine said that she visits the website and blog every day, then later that day I had another San Francisco Queen-Friend say the same thing. 

So to my fellow Queens, I tip my crown to you.

More to come this week (really, this time) 

Love you all


Fallon said...

Twiddling my thumbs over here.... Cant wait t see all of the great new stuff :)

Congrats on the new Mac!!! One day I hope to get one.

Bethany said...

Just enjoyed looking through your website.... whee!

Am I a "Queen" friend too???


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